Doctoral dissertations in musicology

* We are asking IMS members to send detailed information about their dissertation (might include cover photo and/or internet links).

Agmon, Eytan, Bar Ilan University

Ehrlich, Yair, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Goldenberg, Yosef, Hebrew University Jerusalem

Prolongation of Seventh Chords in Tonal Music. 25 May 2003 (date of certificate), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, supervisor: Prof. Roger Kamien. Summa cum laude.

העבודה יצאה לאור כספר בהוצאת Edwin Mellen Press בשנת 2008. הספר זמין באופן מקוון באמצעות מאגר Ebsco Books.

Ilan, Yoram

The Emergence of Israeli Popular Classicism in the 70's and its implication in Yoni Rechter's Music,

Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 2015.

Koren, Morel, Bar Ilan University, Music Department computer-music-lab. responsible

Musical Timbre: history, development, technology. University of Arts "George Enescu" Iasi,  Romania, 2007.

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