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Abramov-van Rijk, Elena, PdD

Research: Dance-Music Interrelations, Ethnomusicology [CV...]

Abravaya, Ido & Niza

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Adler, Motti PhD, Tel Aviv University graduate, self employed

Research field: Music cognition

Agmon, Eytan, PhD, Music Department, Bar Ilan University

Akavia-Amit, Ofri

Apel, Ruth, PhD

Research:  Cognition, Music education.

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"Analysis of Bela Bartok's Performances to Selected Compositions" Bar-Ilan University, advisor Prof. Judit Frigyesi, 2007

Aviram, Eilon

Research: Dance-Music, Interrelations Ethnomusicology, History - French Music, Medieval Music, Israeli Art Music, Israeli Folk and Popular Music, Jewish Music, Text-Music Relations  [CV...]

Research: Dance-Music Interrelations, Ethnomusicology [CV...]

Research: Aesthetics, History - Classical, Semiotics, Text-Music Relations, Theory and Analysis - Tonal Music [CV...] 

Bar David, Rachel

Bar Shani, Michael

Research: C. P. E. Bach, Aesthetics and Sociology of music, Music Analysis and Historiography, Sentimentalism, Skepticism and Irony, 18th and 19th Century Instrumental Music.

Barth, Efrat, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research: Israeli Folk and Popular Music

Berginer-Tavger, Bella, PhD, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

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Binyamini Youngerman, Irit

Binyamini, Raz, Tel Aviv University

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Blostein, Miri, PhD

Brand, Eva, PhD, Head, Music Division at the Integration Institute, Bar-Ilan University

Brover-Lubovsky, Bella, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Burstyn, Shai, PhD, Tel Aviv University

Burtman, Adi

Carmon, Yehudit, PhD

Ph.D. detailes: Bar-Ilan University Faculty of social science School of Education "The Influence of learning to Read Music  On the Ability to learn how to Decode Hebrew". Yehudit Carmon (Even-Zohar) Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements Towards the Ph.D. Degree, January 2002 


Churgin, Bathia, PhD, Bar-Ilan University (professor emerita).

Research: History - Classical Theory and Analysis - Tonal Music 


Cohen, Judith, PhD. Tel Aviv University (professor emerita).

Research: History - Baroque, Renaissance; Jewish Music. 

Cohen, Veronika

Cohn-Zentner, Naomi

Dafna Dori

Research: http://www.musik.uu.se/research/phd-projects/

Decurtins, Max


Ehrlich, Amira

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Ehrlich, Yair, PhD, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

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Eitan, Zohar

Eliram, Talila, PhD, Bar-Ilan University

Children’s Graphic Notation as a Representation of Musical Perception

Research director: Prof. Yehudit Cohen (Tel Aviv); Prof. Liora Bresle, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 2000

Figueroa, Michael A., PhD, Department of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Flomenboim, Rita, PhD, Bar Ilan University

"The National School of Jewish Art Music: Joel Engel and Michail Gnesin".

Research director: Prof. Joachim Braun Department of Music, Bar Ilan University, Israel, 1996

Forman, Masha, PhD

Fuerstman (Hazzan), Marlena, H L Miller Cantorial School, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Jerusalem Program

Gafni Yeshurun, Tamar

Gluschankof, Claudia PhD, Levinsky College of Education.

Research: Cognition, Dance-Music, Interrelations Music education Sociomusicology and Musical Creativity

Goldberg, Geoffrey, PhD

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Teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where he also serves as head librarian. He served as vice-chair (2008-2011) and chair (2011-2012) of the Israeli Musicological Soceity.  Yosef Goldenberg is a music theorist focusing mainly on tonal music and shcolar of Israeli art, folk and popular music.

Goldman, Carmela,


Golomb, Harai,

Golomb, Uri, PhD,

Granot, Roni, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Greenzweig, Eli,

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Grover Friedlander, Michal, PhD, Tel-Aviv University

Guter Inbal, PhD, Tel-Aviv University, University of Haifa

Research : Avant garde, Experimental music, Darmstadt composers, Theoretic and analytic aspects in 19thand 20th century music.

Research: Western Music (17th-20th century), in cultural, religious and political contexts, aesthetics and semiotics of music, opera, music and the arts (including film), Jewish Music.

Hadar, Israel,

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Music of the 20th century, especially Schoenberg; form in the Classic Era, particularly Haydn; composition.

Halperin, David PhD

Retired. Research: Archeomusicology, History - Medieval Music, Theory and Analysis - Tonal Music. Address: Urim, Negev 85530.

Harari, Odeda

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Hefer, Michal

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Hendler, Maskit, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Herz, Anita

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Ilan, Yoram PhD, Music Department Tutor at Ministry of Education

Levinsky College of Education (LCE). Interests: Analysis; Analysis of popular music; Harmony; Jazz history and analisis; Pop-Rock history and analisis; Israely Popular music; Musical education for high schools. 


Inbar, Edna PhD. Research: Arab Music, Cognition, Music education

Education: musicology, linguistics and education at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Pensioner: ministry of education - curriculum development. Senior Lecturer at David Yellin College, Jerusalem; Levinsky College, Tel Aviv - M.A. program in music education. Teaching and research fields: musicology, music cognition, music education, creative education, internal connections between music and language.

Israel- Kolatt, Rona

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Jacob, Uri

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Katz, Alexandra

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Katz, Ruth PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (professor emerita).

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Kedem, Amalia Ph.D, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2011.

Research and fields of interest: Ethnomusicology, Oral history, Ashkenazi Liturgical Music; Digital Preservation and Archiving of recordings. 

Kimelfeld, Yaniv

Research: History - Medieval Music, History - Renaissance, Theory and Analysis - Post-Tonal Music

Klein, Amit

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Kollender, Rachel PhD, Bar-Ilan University

Kohn, Dafna, PhD, Levinsky College of Education, Faculty of Music Education

Research: Embodied Music cognition, Music education

Research: Bach J. S., History - Modern, Post-Romantic, Romantic Israeli Art Music, Theory and Analysis, Post-Tonal Music Theory and Analysis, Tonal Music [CV...]

Laor, Lia

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Lerner, Stella

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Levy, Ron PhD,

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“Keynote” Program for Music Education and Community Outreach Pedagogical Director,

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra​ (ISME-CMA Commissioner, 2008-14), +972-3-6211759, +972-52-2207591​, www.ipo-kids.co.il

Litai Jacoby, Ruth

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Lotan, Eliad MA, Tel Aviv University.

Research: American Music, Popular Music, Text-Music Relations

Mairovich, Marat MED, Levinsky College of Education, Rimon-School

Research: Cognition, Music and Theatre, Sociomusicology and Musical Creativity 

Marks, Essika PhD

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Maroz, Amira

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Research: History - Classical, History - Medieval Music, History - Post-Romantic, History - Renaissance, History - Romantic http://pluto.huji.ac.il/~ymaurey/

Ethnomusicology, Israeli Folk and Popular Music, Jewish Music, Hasidic music, Klezmer Music  http://www.jewish-music.huji.ac.il/content/yaakov-mazor

Meron, Merav, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research: Israeli Folk and Popular Music, Text-Music Relations 

Research: History - Modern Israeli Art Music, Jewish Music Music of the former Yugoslavia [CV...] 

Mualem, Orit, PhD,

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Research fields of interest: performance studies, recording analysis, music and feelings, music cognition, ornoye@gmail.com

Ouda, Yosaf

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Paul, Ariel

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Pomeroy, Boyd PhD,

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Poria, Yifat, Levinsky College of Education Tel-Aviv

Research: Music education 

Portnoy, Pablo

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Portowitz, Adena PhD, Bar Ilan University

Research: Cognition, History - Classical, Music education, Text-Music Relations

Rabinovitch, Gilad PhD Student in composition, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

Research: Theory and Analysis - Tonal Music, Post-Tonal Music 

Ramot, Naama PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research: Dance-Music Interrelations, History - Baroque, Romantic Opera

Rave, Nava

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Ram Reuven, PhD candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research interests: Theory, History of Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint, Western tonal music, Music cognition, Musical education.

Rigbi, Elisheva PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Rimona, Paul

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Retired. Research fields: eighteenth-century Russian music (general perspective, Berezovsky, Bortniansky, Sarti, choral spiritual concerto); Tchaikovsky's Symphony no. 6 (Pathétique); contemporary composers: Sergei Slonimsky, Josef Bardanashvili. Present work: theory of vernacularity and interculturality in music. Method: coalescing historical, social, analytical, and semiotic approaches. http://music.biu.ac.il/en/ritzarev

Rom, Uri PhD, Tel-Aviv University. Research: History - Classical Theory and Analysis - Tonal Music

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Ron, Yohanan PhD

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Root, Dean PhD

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Rosenblatt, Alexander PhD Zefat Academic College. Israeli Musicological Society, Chairman.

Research: ethnomusicology - music and society, music and cultural identity, music of Christian worship.

Rosner, Dina

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Rubinstein, Anat MA student, Hebrew University and Seminar Lewinsky

Research: Conducting, Music education 

Rudik, Tsilli

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Russakovski, Luba PhD,

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Schab, Alon PhD, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Research: History - Baroque, Renaissance 

Schleifer, Eliahu PhD, Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem

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Seter, Ronit PhD,

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Shahar, Nathan PhD

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Sheinberg, Ester PhD, Lincoln, Nebraska

Research: Aesthetics, History - Post-Romantic, Semiotics.

Smoira, Michal

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Stern, Gershon

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Stern, Meir MA

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Takachenko, Irena

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Tarsi, Boaz

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Tauber, Sarit

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Tusia Cohen, Miki

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Viks, Anat PhD, Bar Ilan University.

Research Fields: Modern and Postmodern Aesthetics; Contemporary Compositional Techniques; Israeli Art Music; Nationalism in Music; Musical Borrowings. 

Volniansky, Karl , Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

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Wagner, Naphtali PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Research: Theory and Analysis - Tonal Music    

Weich, Susana, PhD

Research: Ethnomusicology, Music education, Notation [CV-Publications...]

Weiss, Tal PhD

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Wohl, Moshe

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Wolpe, Michael PhD, Associate Professor, the Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem.

Research: Contemporary Artistic Music and Popular Music in Western Europe, the United States and Israel during  the 20th century and in the 21st century, Music by Jewish Composers in Europe during World War II.

Yadlin, Adina

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Yalon, Nitsana

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Yoffe, Efim

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Research: Aesthetics, History - Romantic, Text-Music Relations http://music.biu.ac.il/zamir

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