About Israel Musicological Society

The Israel Musicological Society (IMS) was founded in 1967 in order

to promote musical scholarship and contribute to musical life in Israel.


IMS members include representatives of all university departments of

musicology, music schools and colleges, teachers' training colleges, music

research centers and collections in Israel, as well as independent scholars.


The IMS holds an annual conference, presenting recent research by Israeli musicologists and guests from abroad. It is a non for-profit organization

(ID  58-004-813-0, ID for tax purposes: 943279604), funded entirely by

membership dues and contributions by generous institutions and individuals. 

The IMS publishes Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online.


: Vice Chair  & Treasurer  


Min-Ad Editors:



Board Members:



Audit Committee Members:


Alon Schab, alon.schab@gmail.com

Uri Yaacov, urijacob2@gmail.com 

Irit Youngerman, ibyman@gmail.com

Alexander Rosenblatt, alexander.ro@zefat.ac.il 
Adena Portowitz,  portowiz@mail.biu.ac.il 
Marina Ritzarev,  ritzam@mail.biu.ac.il

Morel Koren, Morel.Koren@biu.ac.il

Yonatan Bar-Yoshafat, Irad Atir, Galia Duchin Arieli, Dan Deutsch, Irit Youngerman, Yosef Goldenberg, Liran Gurkiewicz,

Rotem Luz, Rivka Elkoshi

Adena Portowitz

Alex Rosenblat

Alon Schab

Avigdor Herzog

Avner Bahat

Beatrice (Beata) Bar

Bathja Bayer

Bella Brover-Lubovsky

Bathia Churgin

Claudia Gluschankof

David Bloch

Dorit Tanai

Edwin Seroussi

Elisheva Rigby

Eliyahu Schleifer

Esti Scheinberg

Eytan Agmon

Gila Flam

Israel Adler 

Jehoash Hirshberg

Past Members of Administration

(A, B, C, order)

Members of the Previous Administration

Judith Cohen

Natali Rotenberg

Naftali Wagner

Marina Ritzarev

Martha Frohlich

Morel Koren

Rachel Kollender

Rivka Elkoshi

Roger Kamien

Ronnie Granot

Rotem Luz

Ruth Katz

Ruth HaCohen Pinczower

Shai Burstyn

Tamara Balter

Uri Epstein

Uri Rom

Uri Sharvit

Yochanan Ron

Yosef Goldenberg 


Vice Chair & Treasurer: 


Min-Ad Editor: 



Alon Shab

Uri Yaacov

Irit Youngerman

Adina Portowitz

Morel Koren

    Honorary Chairpersons: Hanoch Avenary, Edith Gerson-Kiwi


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